ACS Trigger Pouch


The ACS Trigger Pouch allows for all types of Torc Precision Sound Flash Devices and the following NICO’s 1,2,6 and 9 bang to be safely carried


The Trigger Pouch provides unparalleled safety and deployment speed compared to a tradition pouches.


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  • Cuts the deployment time of a grenade by six times
  • Deployment of the grenade (being able to extract the grenade) in a safe and quick manner without wasting critical time
  • The Trigger Pouch allows the operative to extract a grenade in a one hand action, while keeping eyes on the threat and one hand on the operators weapon
  • Left & Right-handed action
  • Quick extraction/deployment with gloved hands.
  • Safer than traditional pouches
  • Multi-point safety system that covers and protects all critical parts of the grenade.



  • Tactical Entry (Day/Night-Thermal/NV)
  • Breaching
  • Battle Simulation
  • Visit, Board, Search and Seizure (VBSS)
  • Maritime Security Operations (MSO)
  • Maritime Special Activities Operations (MSAO)
  • Training

Device Pouches:

  • ACS Trigger Pouch SF-D / NICO (Black) (TP/SF-D/N/TPB)
  • ACS Trigger Pouch SF-D / NICO (Green) (TP/SF-D/N/TPG)

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Black, Green