Torc Precision Spare Lever – Gen 1


Spare lever. Available in 3 different colours. compatible with the following devices:

  • SF-DI
  • SF-DF
  • SF-DD

Semi-Disposable Parts:

  • Worldwide user feedback of has dictated that a reloadable diversionary device must have a lever safety system and retained safety pin / ring.
  • Feedback has also dictated that any part that ejects away from the device must be a cost-effective replaceable part as this may become lost or rendered non serviceable.

To meet the demands of the user Torc Precision and Royal Arms International have manufactured the Lever System and Safety Pin / Ring as a Semi-Disposable Part.

A Semi-Disposable Part can be used to reload the device providing the part remains serviceable. Longevity of use of a Semi Disposable part will depend on the stress the part is subjected to in training conditions.



  • Lightweight Low-Profile Design
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Spare lever for the Torc Precision devices. This is the Gen 1 lever and is available in 3 colours.

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Blue, Black, Yellow